BlackBerry 8100 Pearl

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BlackBerry 8100 Pearl


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The BlackBerry 8100 Pearl is a departure from the form factor of previous BlackBerry devices. This BlackBerry handset is far more phone-like, and RIM's engineers have managed to fit a QWERTY keyboard onto the handset's slim frame.

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Like the BlackBerry 7105t, the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl is The BlackBerry 8100 Pearl sports a large 240 x 260 screen that supports over 65,000 colors-- plenty of real estate to view your e-mails, Web browser content, messaging sessions, and attachments. The venerable BlackBerry trackwheel has been replaced on this model with an innovative four-way trackball placed below the screen. On the rear of the handheld, you'll find a 1.3-megapixel camera and a self portrait mirror. The handheld's microSD memory card slot is located inside the device, behind the battery. There's also a standard 2.5mm headset jack that can be used with the included headset, as well as a mini-USB port for data connectivity.

Informação Adicional

Model 8100
In Depth
    • 1.3 mega pixel camera to capture those special moments
    • MP3 player lets you listen to your favorite music on the go
    • Menu and escape keys on the front of the device for easier access
    • Bluetooth technology lets you experience hands free and wire free features
    • Package Contents: phone,AC adapter,software CD,headset,USB cable,sim- card,get started poster,reference guide
Dimensões 4.2 x 2 x 0.6 inches
Activation Information CONDITIONAL $250 Equipment Discount Included: Your price paid includes an Equipment Discount of $250 that has been provided to you in exchange for activating a new, non-substitute line of service with T-Mobile and your agreement that for the 181-day period following such activation you will (1) pay your balance due to T-Mobile each month and otherwise maintain your account in good standing, (2) not disconnect this T-Mobile line of service, (3) not transfer this equipment to another T-Mobile line of service, (4) not change your T-Mobile service rate plan to a lower monthly service rate--this includes canceling or removing required PDA, BlackBerry, or smartphone features after your product has shipped, (5) not use this line of service to replace an existing account with T-Mobile. If these conditions are not met, you hereby authorize to charge your credit card $250 as reimbursement of this Equipment Discount without need for further approval.

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